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Contest Announcement

FOBH Earth Day Road Cleanup

FOBH celebrated Earth Day by conducting an Adopt a Highway road cleanup. Fourteen people joined in to help cleanup Whitehall Neck Road and parts of Smyrna Leipsic Road (DE. 9). Plan to join us for a second cleanup at the end of summer or during the fall.



Please click on the Newsletter image to view or download the September FOBH Newsletter.

Blue Heron Gift Shoppe

The Blue Heron Gift Shoppe is now on Summer Hours. The store is open 9:00-4:00 Monday through Friday. As the store is operated by volunteers these hours are not guaranteed. Please check out Facebook page for updates. Click on the picture for more info.

Our website is changing

Those of you that have looked at our website on mobile phones and tablets know that you have to work to make things easy to read. We are now working to change our website to be mobile and tablet friendly. The changes will be made on a page by page basis. It won't be quick but hopefully you will notice, and enjoy, a steady improvement. Along the way you may see something that needs more work. When that happens please send us an e-mail at Friends of Bombay Hook.

Announcing the 2022 Photo Contest

Contest Announcement

The revised notice shows expanded hours to enter your photos. Photographs taken at Bombay Hook or in Smyrna may be entered. Please click on this image to download a pdf of the announcement and contest rules.

A New Visitors Center

These pictures, taken at the end of work on July 21, show the construction of Bombay Hook's new Visitor Center. Located just past the existing Visitor Center the new Visitor Center is now expected to be completed by the end of the year. The schedule has changed due to a delay caused by materials availability. This is the only change that affects the DPM article. Click here for a Delaware Public Media article with information about the new center and about Senator Carper's visit to Bombay Hook.

Return to our website to see the latest photographs of the construction and to learn more about Bombay Hook's new facility.

A New Retention Pond

New retention pond.

During the fall of 2021 a new water retention pond was created on the Bombay Hook NWR. Located in the northeast corner of the refuge, it sits back off the east side of north bound Route 9. The retention pond was made possible by a US Fish & Wildlife Grant and matching funds from Ducks Unlimited.

Once pond vegetation is established and seasonal rains are collected, the retention pond will begin to provide a fresh water habitat opportunity for migrating waterfowl and shorebirds. An auto pull-off is planned for the near future along the shoulder of Route 9, to provide a safe wildlife viewing area.

Wood Duck Box Steve, a Volunteer

Fallen tree
Broken box

Each winter Wood Duck boxes around the refuge are serviced and usage data collected. Then each nest box, pole and predator guard are all checked and repaired if needed for the upcoming spring breeding season. However, each year we must replace about a dozen severely damaged nest boxes. Our nest boxes are very durable and provide many years of service but can’t withstand the damage caused by falling limbs and tip-over trees. Typically repairing nest boxes and building replacement boxes are done in the spring and summer for use the next season. That is, unless you have a super volunteer!!

A new box

Well, let me introduce you to Wood Duck box Steve. Steve stopped by the refuge visitor center several years ago and donated two pine Wood Duck boxes and expressed an interest in building more if we could use them. A month later we met up with Steve; he looked over our box sizes, wood type, took some notes and before long he was making durable, replacement, rough cut Cyprus Wood Duck boxes for the refuge. He buys or bargains for all of his lumber and creates top quality replacement boxes each year. He even precuts replacement box parts for our repair work, all at no cost to the refuge. Steve has even made several impressive bat boxes and other nest boxes for the refuge.

Wood Duck box Steve is our super Bombay Hook volunteer!